Last minute holidays in with a loan

If your holiday trip did not happen this year, nothing is lost! You can still decide on the holiday of your dreams by choosing the last minute offer. Take advantage of our promotion and borrow cheaper on last minute holidays!

Undoubtedly, we can call the peak of the holiday season July and August. During this period, we definitely go on vacation. This does not mean, however, that holidays in September, for example, will be a bad idea. Quite the opposite – in this period the prices of trips are definitely lower and the range of offers is still huge. What’s more, when deciding on last minute holidays in September, we do not have to give up the sun and carefree lounging on the beach.

The first free loan is a promotional offer addressed to new customers who are only deciding to borrow online for the first time.

New customers can apply for up to PLN 3,000.

New customers can apply for up to PLN 3,000.

This will definitely allow for last minute sunny holidays if we need to recharge the battery. And yet sometimes each of us needs rest.

Where can you go for a last minute vacation in September? During this period, we can enjoy beautiful weather in many parts of the world. And it is not only about travel destinations referred to as exoticism. Nice weather will also be found in European countries. I am talking about Greece or Turkey. In these places, we will definitely increase the level of vitamin D3 in our body!

Second loan UNTIL 35% cheaper!

Second loan UNTIL 35% cheaper!

Our holiday madness will also help finance a second loan, the costs of which have been cut by as much as 35%! This is a great opportunity to borrow cheaper and recharge your batteries before winter. The promotion is available to customers who have repaid their first loan on time. Then we have the opportunity to apply for a second for a maximum amount of PLN 3,500, which gives us a saving of even about PLN 345! This solution definitely pays off. Do not hesitate and borrow cheaper! The promotion lasts until 12.09.

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