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Failure of a car, household appliances or electronics? Or maybe the need to finance an expensive medical visit? If you need money for already, and preferably yesterday, reach for a quick non-bank loan for 0 USD. Today we will suggest how to accelerate the withdrawal of funds and receive money today.

Instant Payday Loans today

Instant payday loans offered by us are currently one of the most popular ways of financing unplanned expenses. It is hardly surprising. 
The loan application procedure is quick and easy, and you can get additional money within 15 minutes of a positive loan decision.

Free payday loans is a promotional offer of loan companies, addressed only to new customers. As you can easily guess, the purpose of this promotion is not only to attract but also to retain new borrowers.
By borrowing money for free, you will be required to pay the lender the exact amount you borrowed from him. The loan is free of commissions, additional fees or even statutory interest.

Free loan? Only paid off on time

Remember, however, that a free loan will be free only if it is repaid on time. Already a few days of delay in repayment may result in additional fees arising from the provisions of the contract with the lender.

A loan for USD 0 step by step

To borrow money, have your ID card, mobile phone number and account number ready.

Most lenders do not require potential clients to provide additional attestations and documents.

Note: The bank account should be yours. You can’t use someone else’s account to get a loan.

Choose the amount and repayment time

On the lender’s website, select your preferred loan amount. Then complete and send the loan application carefully. What information should be included in the application?

When completing the application, you will need to provide data from your ID card (name and surname, address, PESEL number, ID number and series). The lender may also ask you to indicate the source and amount of income.

Note: as much as 60% of loan applications are rejected due to incorrect data. So make sure you complete the application carefully and carefully.

Verify your details

When the lender receives your application, he will ask you to verify your personal details. For what? So that he can be sure that you are the person you really claim to be. Verification avoids fraud, abuse and attempts to commit others.

In order to verify the data, it will be necessary to make a verification transfer to the lender’s account. The transfer amount is symbolic and depending on the company ranges from 0.01 to 1 USD.

When the lender receives the money, he will be able to check if the bank account owner details match those in the loan application.

Valid account

If you want to receive money as soon as possible, make sure that your account and the loan company’s account are in one bank. This should not be a major problem considering the fact that each lender has several or even a dozen accounts at different banks. Zengga is the unquestioned record holder. Zengga has accounts in 24 banks!

If you send money to an account in the same bank, the recipient will receive the transfer almost immediately. Thanks to this, he will be able to start further analysis of the application as quickly as possible.

In addition, after a positive loan decision, the transfer of funds will be equally fast.

Data verification without a bank transfer

If you do not have funds on your account or you cannot use it (e.g. due to bailiff attachment), you can verify your data through a special application. The application connects to your bank account, providing the lender with the necessary data.

Loan decision

You can receive a loan decision by text or email. You will also find it in the customer panel. If the decision is positive, the loan company will almost immediately pay the amount of the loan granted and you will be able to enjoy the extra cash.

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