How creditworthiness is assessed

Anyone who has ever dealt with banks because they wanted to receive financial assistance has heard of such a concept as ” creditworthiness “. Is there a premiere visit to such an institution? All because you want to take a loan? Are you wondering if you have any chance? What affects the assessment of creditworthiness ? What factors improve and weaken it? You can find out about this after reading today’s reading on the subject.


How creditworthiness is assessed

How creditworthiness is assessed

It is important to know that creditworthiness is the most important indicator for a bank. If it is positive, then any borrower has a good chance of receiving financial assistance. Otherwise, you must reckon with the fact that the application will simply be rejected. You should be well aware of this fact. What influences the assessment of credibility towards the bank? This is undoubtedly the amount and the loan period. I don’t think anyone needs convincing that it is much easier to get a loan for several thousand than for several dozen or several hundred – in the case of a mortgage option. Banks must safeguard their interests. Therefore, there are much lower requirements for people who want to borrow relatively small amounts. Creditworthiness is also assessed on the basis of the amount of own contribution – this aspect is found primarily in the case of mortgage loans. With poor creditworthiness, it’s difficult to get a loan,  and they will help you get a loan.


What else are the banks considering

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This is undoubtedly the current form of employment. It should be emphasized that people perform their daily tasks on the basis of an employment contract, a mandate contract or a specific task contract. What form of employment is the best? There is no denying that the employment contract is the best perceived by banks. All because it guarantees steady, monthly revenues. In addition, we are dealing here with a relatively long notice period. Therefore, even a sudden dismissal of an employee will not mean that he will lose all income overnight. Of course, the best in this aspect are people who are employed for an indefinite period. It should be emphasized that people from banks also pay attention to the amount of monthly income. I guess it will not surprise anyone that people who earn a lot have the best chance of getting a loan. Credit history is also important. The greatest credibility and trust are gifted Poles who currently have no obligations. If they ever had loans or credits, they repaid them systematically and on time. The number of people in the household is also important. The fewer people, the easier it is to get creditworthiness .

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