Good evening everyone! Or, morning. Or whatever time it may be. My name is Jerónimo Vea, and

I will be your host, auteur, and writer today! I’ve lived and breathed art on the local and national level for near all my life (and as I break into my 40’s I can say that’s quite some time), and have now decided to expand my repetoire to the online field.

As we live in these unusual times (at the time of writing the world is still wrapped in the sadness of Covid-19), art has had to change its platform. Many galleries, arenas, studios and so on have had to close temporarily and permanently, but these artists from all fields have been moving to the digital galleries instead. I wanted to join the fold, to help share what I have learned in this artistic world and across the nation. Hence the name of this new age gallery of knowledge – Art Of the Country. I hope what I can bring will help a new age of artists come into their own.

We all must learn new tricks as the world moves, as technology and art develop into new mediums. I hope to do the same here, and to inspire others to also do so.