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Best Software to Use for Writing

We can’t always rely on just the software when it comes to writing. You need to write in various ways and with a variety of tools to produce better work. There are some great software applications out there that are perfect for the purpose. When you’re writing a blog post, you would want it to be as good as possible, and the ideal way to do that is with the right software. Fortunately, there are a bunch of good programs out there, but we will focus on a few. So here are the best softwares to use for writing:

Google Docs

If a lot of experienced people say that you need to use Word (or Google Docs) for writing, you should take their advice seriously. Using one of these services is far more efficient than using Word because it allows you to write, edit, and edit again without having to save and re-save your work. It also allows you to view your document in its full glory while still having the ability to make handwritten notes, which makes editing tasks a cinch.


Freedom is a writing app that lets you free your mind. You don’t need to worry about writing with a specific app, as you can use any text editor, and Freedom will do the rest of the work for you. You can also do different things with your writing, like making it readable to the human eye, and so on. This app is the easiest way to turn your manuscripts into beautifully printed books.

Publisher Rocket

If you’re a writer, or you want to become one, chances are, you might have thought of writing for your own blog. But you might not be sure about where to publish your work or what software you should use. Well, there are many writing tools out there, some free, some expensive, some good, and some not so good. But there’s one that stands out above the rest: Publisher Rocket. Publisher Rocket is a combination of blog and publishing tools. It’s an easy-to-use blog that takes care of all the technical details involved in turning your posts into beautiful blogs on your website. In addition to blogging, Publisher Rocket is a publishing tool that lets you publish your blog posts efficiently.


The Evernote app has been available on Android for a while now. Since the app is free, it is a great way to take a jotting and organize them into one place. I like to use Evernote to keep a diary on my phone so I can look back on it using my PC or my mobile and add more information to it.

Apple Pages

Apple’s Pages app is a mobile word processor that lets you create and edit simple documents, spreadsheets and presentations. It supports a number of formatting styles, including Markdown, and a simple yet versatile text editor. The app also includes a host of presentation-related features, such as the ability to easily add in images and embed videos, similar to what you’d expect from a program like PowerPoint.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Alongside the launch of the new Creative Cloud desktop app, Adobe has announced the launch of new tools that bring the power of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to more of your devices and cloud services. It is Adobe’s professional and aspiring writer products suite. There’s Adobe’s Creative Suite for professional writers, which includes products like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. A few months ago, Adobe updated Creative Cloud to include a new photography app called Photoshop Mix, which lets you apply real-time adjustments to images in the same way you might adjust them in Photoshop. The new app is on by default, and I really like it.

It is important to remember that the best software for writing doesn’t always mean the best software for you. You’ll need to evaluate the individual needs of your writing process and choose a package that best fits your goals.